The Collection

This collection of architectural and landscape photographs in colour and monochrome comprises about 50,000 images in each medium. The collection is enlarged continuously.

The architectural coverage is strongest on British Medieval church architecture. It covers virtually all of the major churches and many of the significant smaller churches, some in very great detail, exterior and interior, including sculpture and stained glass. There is also very large coverage of mainland European Medieval architecture (as far as East Germany and the Czech Republic) including almost all of the major cathedrals and churches with their sculpture and stained glass. There is especially comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Chartres Cathedral. The material on Medieval church architecture and sculpture is backed by a considerable knowledge of the subject.

Early Christian sites in Britain, including Ireland, and British and European castles are also illustrated. British prehistoric structures are also well represented. Coverage of country houses and other later architecture is less comprehensive but there is some representation of all periods and types, including bridges. No material in museums is included. A number of pre-Columbian Mexican sites are also illustrated, in this case also sculpture in museums.

The collection includes a very full coverage of the "Green man", the combination of face and foliage from folklore and architectural sculpture of all periods but especially the Middle Ages.

Landscape is covered by material from all over the British Isles and from many parts of the European mainland. Many British towns and villages are illustrated.