A Story of Man's Oneness with Nature
Green Man Books

Principal Books Currently Available

ANDERSON, William., "Green Man - The Archtetype of our Oneness with the Earth"
HarperCollins 1990 and COMPASSbooks, Fakenham, England, 1998, ISBN 0 9517038 1 1

BASFORD, Kathleen, "The Green Man"
Ipswich, 1978, and D.S.Brewer, Cambridge, 1996 & 1998, ISBN 0 85991 024 5 & 0 85991 497 6

HARDING, Mike, "A Little Book of the Green Man"
Aurum Press, London, 1998, ISBN1 85410 563 9
(MH also holds an extensive list of green men.)

HICKS, Clive, "The Green Man - A Field Guide", COMPASSbooks, Fakenham, England, 2000, ISBN 0 9517038 2 X

MILLAR, Ronald, "The Green Man - Companion and Gazetteer"
S.B. Publications, Seaford, East Sussex, 1997 & 1998, ISBN 1 85770 131 3
(RM also holds an extensive list of green men.)


ANDERSON, William, "The Rise of the Gothic"
Hutchinson, London, 1985, ISBN 0-09-161840-1

BARING, Anne, & CASHFORD, Jules, "The Myth of the Goddess"
Viking Arkana, London, 1991, ISBN 0-670-83564-1

BILLINGSLEY, John, Stony Gaze - Investigating Celtic and other Stone Heads
Capall Bann Publishing, Chieveley, Berks, 1998, ISBN 1898307 717

CARTER, R.O.M. & H.M., The Foliate Head in England, Folklore 78, 1967

CAVE, C.J.P., "Roof Bosses in Medieval Churches", Cambridge University Press 1948

FORSYTH, Ilene H., "The Throne of Wisdon, Wood Sculpture of the Madonna in Romanesque France", Princeton 1972

FRAZER, Sir James George, "The Golden Bough"
First published 1890. Many subsequent editions and versions
e.g. "The Illustrated Golden Bough", Labyrinth Publishing , 1996, ISBN 0 7134 8108 0

GARDHAM, Jane, & FEDDEN, Mary, "The Green Man" (A nice Green Man tale)
The Windrush Press, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, 1998, ISBN 1 900624 21 4

GARDNER, G.B., "The Meaning of Witchcraft",
citing from M.D.Anderson, Looking for History in British Churches

GRÖMINGER, Petra, "The Green Man in Mediaeval Swedish Sculpture and its English Parallels", Thesis submitted to Stockholm University, 1992

GRUNDY, Thirlie, "The Green Man of Carlisle Cathedral"
T. Grundy, The Studio, 11 Lodore Drive, Carlisle CA2 7SG. ISBN 1 898812 08 X

HILL, Peter, "In Search opf the Green Man in Northamptonshire", Orman Publishing, Great Oakley, Northants, 1966 & 1999, ISBN 09518 199 5X

HILL, Peter, "In Search of the Green Man in Kettering Borough" (pamphlet)
Kettering Borough Council, 1996

JENKINS, Simon, "England’s Thousand Best Churches"
Penguin, London, 1999, ISBN 0713 99281 6

JOHNSON, Terry, "Hidden Heritage - Discovering Ancient Essex"
Capall Bann Publishing, Chieveley, Berks, 1996, ISBN 898307 70 9

JUDGE, Roy, Jack in the Green
D.S.Brewer, Cambridge, for the Folklore Society, , 1979 ISBN 0 85991 029 6

PARKINS, Emma, "The Green Man and the Halloween Witch"
M.A (Visual Communication) Report, U.C.E. Birmingham, 1997

PEVSNER, Sir Nikolaus, "The Leaves of Southwell", Penguin 1945

PEVSNER, Sir Nikolaus, "The Buildings of England" series, Penguin

PIKE, Mary, "A Green Man for all Seasons"
B.A. (Heritage and Landscape) Thesis, University of Plymouth 1998

RADCLIFFE, Albert, "The Green Man and Other Poems", Manchester Cathedral 1999.

RATCLIFFE, Eric, "The Chronicle of the Green Man", 1977, Private publication

SHERIDAN, Ronald & ROSS, Anne, "Grotesques and Gargoyles"
David and Charles, Newton Abbot, 1975 ISBN 0 7153 6319 0

STEWART, Madeau, "The Enigma of the Green Man", Cotswold Life, December 1990

WEIR, Anthony, & JERMAN, James, "Images of Lust"
Batsford 1986 & Routledge, London, 1999 ISBN 0 415 15156 2

WILKINS, Joan, "The Green Man", Sussex History No. 31, 1991

WYLIE, Ruth, "The Green Man: Variations on a Theme", At The Edge, Volume 4, 1996